If you would rather speak to a person than push a button then we are here for you!

At PRM Commercial & General we believe that building relationships with our customers and partners through the spoken word is the best way forward.

Placing insurance is not always straightforward and buying online based on price alone has its risks; it can be difficult to compare policies and getting it wrong is potentially costly and inconvenient. We’ll take the time to ask the
right questions to ensure you’re adequately protected.

Buying online may seem like a quick and more convenient way to buy your insurance but in reality, if you miss understand the way a question is written, give incorrect information and/or don’t read the assumptions page in full at the end then you could be purchasing something that is not worth the paper it is written on.

Some questions are worded differently, this is not to catch you out but to make sure you have read and understood it properly, as most people buy online to ‘save time’, it is easy to miss things and skim over the assumptions page with the intention of reading in full later – in reality very few people actually read their documents in full and run the risk of leaving themselves incorrectly insured.

We like to talk, we ask questions and we listen – so don’t leave the Insurance of your most important asset to chance give us a call on 07596 695651 or 07756 472437

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