Like everything in life Insurance is becoming an app – but should it?

Like everything in life Insurance is becoming an app, an automated process and automatic, but here at PRM we know that despite this conception Insurance should be something that is thought about and discussed.

It should be personal to you and your needs not the same as everyone else’s. We understand that you may not fit the profile of a standard Insurers requirements, there could be an issue with your credit, past claims or even a conviction; your home may have had subsidence, be of unusual construction or in a flood area; it could be let, used as a holiday home or even occupied by several unrelated people – what ever it may be we can help and provide you with a policy that meets your needs, so if you ever had cause to claim then you would be covered because your Insurance company would know everything there is to know!

PRM Commercial & General means just that and we can insure your home, contents and your business. Whether you have a two up two down or a mansion in the country; you are a window cleaner or mobile hairdresser or run a company from an office in your home; are in a particular industry from beauty and hairdressing to scaffolders and roofers then we can provide you with the cover you need.

We have over 70 years of experience between us and also offer financial advice on mortgages, pensions, life Insurance and so on. So if you would rather talk to a person about your Insurance why not give us a call on 07596 695651 or 07756 472437

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