Subsidence Insurance

Insuring Houses That Have Suffered From Subsidence

Due to the costs involved in dealing with a subsidence claim, many Insurers shy away from offering terms to homeowners whose properties have suffered from any form of movement in the past whether it has been repaired or not.

Subsidence Insurance

We have over 20 years of extensive knowledge of subsidence and subsidence related problems and have worked closely with government bodies in expanding knowledge and understanding of this geological hazardous subject.

If your property or the property you are wishing to buy has had movement of any kind in the last 10 years then you may find it hard to obtain comprehensive insurance to cover the risk going forward. We have teamed up with Subsidence Claims Advisory Bureau who will assess each risk individually (cost £250), an inspection will be made and a report prepared for the Insurers, who will then offer insurance terms to include subsidence cover.

Prevention is something we promote and we will advise Insurers of any concerns we may have about the possibility to future problems and you may be asked to take preventative measures to ensure a full and valid Insurance policy.

For instance, maintaining any vegetation within the grounds of the property on a regular basis, having your drains tested by way of CCTV, or placing a neighbour or local council on notice about their responsibility to maintain any trees or vegetation in their ownership, and increased excess for any future subsidence claims.

The scheme is designed to cover any property that has suffered any form of movement, whether underpinned or not, so if you would like an indication of premium or advice on Insurance why not contact us through or call us on 01424 850710