Thatch Property Insurance

If your property has a thatched roof, getting home insurance at a reasonable price can be difficult.

Insurers see thatched roofs as a significant risk because they tend to be costlier to repair in the event of a problem.

Thatch Property Insurance

Also, the provider will need to know that the roof is properly maintained, and that any chimneys are at an acceptable height and are regularly swept

There’s no reason why a thatched roof should be at any more risk from fire than houses with standard construction, but if a fire starts it’s likely to spread faster and do more damage.

Thatched roofs need re-ridging every 10-15 years, and insurers will want to know that your roof is in a good state of repair to avoid related problems.

Many thatched cottages and other houses are very old, possibly listed buildings, and may have strict rules governing any repairs or construction.

Specialist skills are required to repair or replace thatch and – when compared to modern roofing materials – thatch is very expensive.

This all adds to the cost risk facing the insurer, which means that premiums can be high.

Here at PRM we can offer you comprehensive cover at competitive rates, we can also cover the property if there have been any other issues like subsidence